Termly Recitals

Each term, all students perform a solo piece. Each recital is also an opportunity for students to hear showcase performances from a number of orchestras, quartets and advanced solo performers.

Busking Performances

Each month, busking opportunities are organised for members of the primary and secondary string orchestras. Each orchestra works to the same program so performing groups are made up of players from a combination of orchestras.

Assembly Performances

Twice a term, all string orchestras perform at school events.

Performance Dates

15th of December

December Recital


Deakin Edge, Federation Square, Melbourne VIC 3000

Event Details

15th of December

December Recital


Deakin Edge, Federation Square (Swanston St &, Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3000)


$20 adult tickets, performers and siblings in primary school free (purchase tickets at the door with cash, no cards or transfers)

Dress code for performers: 

All black smart casual (no leggings, no shorts, no sandals, thongs or runners, no t-shirts or tank tops, no hats, no track pants, hoodies or puffer jackets, no ripped jeans)

Please let me know if your child’s allocated recital time doesn’t suit and they can be moved to a different time.

Recital 1: Arrive at 10:45am for a 11:00am start

Valerie Chan - Blue Notoriety (Grade 2 series 9)

Katherine Shen - Frere Jacques (Yellow Book)

Jamie Wong - Frere Jacques (Yellow Book)

Adelene Toh - Peasant Cantata (Yellow book)

Evelyn Yeo - Jazzy Jingle Bells (Fiddle Time Runners)

Natalie Fung - Yodelling Song (Fiddle Time Runners)

Isabelle Kok - Gypse Dance (Fiddle Time Runners)

Lily Ouyang - Somebody's knocking (Fiddle Time Runners)
Noa Takahashi-Chan - Minuet No. 2 (Suzuki Book 2)

Eliza Nicholas - First Base (Preliminary grade series 9)

Liana Jazayeri - Minuet No. 1 (Suzuki book 1)

Eva Ma - Ajajaj!!! Nie lubię zastrzyków (Grade 1 series 9)

Jasmine Yeo - Menuet II (Grade 1 series 9)

Sean Tseng - Menuet II (Grade 1 series 9)

Claudia Kok - Minuet  (Grade 1 series 8)

Florence Kaan - Allegro (Grade 1 series 9)

Hana Takahashi-Chan - Rebecca (Grade 1 series 1)

Jacob Wong - Second Act Tune (Grade 2 series 8)

Hazel Shu - Ghost Ship (Grade 2 series 8)

Arista Kiratipun - Carolan's Farewell (Grade 2 series 9)

Daniel Leong - Spanish Serenade (Grade 2 series 8)

Chloe Lin - Allegretto Moderato (Grade 3 series 8)

Charlotte Mah - Open Sesame (Grade 3 series 9)

Hana Takahashi-Chan - Dance characteristique (Grade 4 series 8)

Samratchana Rameshkumar - Shake It (Blue Book)

Jaidyn Cheng - Shake It (Blue Book)

Layla Setiawan - Shake It (Blue Book)

Stella Setiawan - Soul to Keep (Yellow Book)

Rhoheet Vigneswaran - Shake It (Blue Book)

Alytheia Lee - Best of Baroque (Blue Book)

Declan Bradley - Jungle Walk (Blue Book)

Clara Chow - Through the trees (Blue Book)

Tiffany Phan - Campfire Glow (Blue Book)

Alexander Chan - Samba Down (Blue Book)

Shaivi Yajamanam - Carnival (Blue Book)

Melody Shi - Mary Rocks (Blue Book)

Danika Howells - Cosmic Cafe in A (Blue Book)

Isabel Potsios - Twisted (Blue Book)

Kaleb Gu-han - Cats in Coats (Blue Book)

Violet Amore - Beetles’ Boots (Blue Book)

Ynes Marsden - Beetles’ Boots in C (Blue Book)

Kyna Baja - Twinkle Twinkle (Blue Book) 

Toby Fang - Jingle Bells (Blue Book)

Aaliyah Parekh - Jingle Bells (Blue book)

Ethan Loke - Jingle Bells (Blue Book)

Felix Wellman - Jingle Bells (Blue Book)

Aurelia Bradley - Ode to Joy (Yellow Book)

Clare Chan - Ode to Joy (Yellow Book)

Kalista Lee - Little Brown Jug (Yellow Book)

Mia Chen - Can-can (Yellow Book)

Sarah Crosbie - Goblin Feast (Yellow Book)

Maris Chow - Clumsy Sailor (Yellow Book)

JT Gu-han - Hallelujah Chorus (Yellow Book)

Nathan Coutler - Chase in the dark (Fiddle Time Runners)

Rei Gardner - Pick a bale of cotton (Fiddle Time Runners)

Alice Moon - Finale from the ‘Water Music’ (Fiddle Time Runners)

Fiona Lane - Ten Thousand Miles Away (Fiddle Time Runners)

Olga Chen - Gypsy Dance (Fiddle Time Runners) 

Roy Zhang - Adam in the garden (Fiddle Time Runners)

Theodora Chiam - Rory O’Moore (Fiddle Time Runners)

Lara Glenk - Aerobics (Fiddle Time Runners)

Heidi Farkas - Winners Circle (Blue Book)

Anna Zhang - The Raggle Taggle Hippie (Grade 1 series 8)

Meredith Chow - Willow Water (Preliminary grade series 8)

Alison Liang - Jesien w Pekinie (Preliminary grade series 9)

Oriel Glenk - Ajajaj!!! Nie lubie zastrzykow (Grade 1 series 9)

Isabella Djunatan - Roaring Jelly (Grade 1 series 1)

Advait Rajagopalan - La Paloma (Grade 2 series 8)

Michelle Zhang - Magyaros and A Kis Fecsegő (Grade 2 series 1)

Jhanvi Rajagopalan - Siciliano and Allegro assai (Grade 3 series 1)

Rory Gatford-Than  - A noble entrance (Grade 4 series 8)

William Zhou - The boy Paganini (Grade 4 series 8)

Emily Zhou - Little tango (Grade 4 series 1)

Jhanvi Rajagopalan - Liebesleid (Grade 5 manual list)

Samuel Mak - La Cenerentola (Grade 5 series 9)

Lucy Gatford-Than - Andante and Vivace (Grade 6 series 9)

Emily Zhou - Fantasia on Greensleevs (Grade 6 series 9)

Kasra Ezatshoar Sonata - (Grade 6 series 8)

Isabella Djunatan - Bolero No. 3 (Grade 6 manual list)

Michelle Zhang - Mazurka (Grade 8 manual list)

Zachary Armstrong - Boccherini cello sonata in C major

Orchestral Recital: Arrive at 1:45pm for a 2:00pm start

Blackburn Lake Primary String Orchestra ~ 'March of the astronauts & Return to earth'

Rangeview Primary String Orchestra ~ 'Feelin' blue & Tinga Layo'

Mitcham Primary String Orchestra ~ 'Sad Movie & Action Movie'

Birralee Primary String Orchestra ~ 'Barrier Reef & Jamaican lullaby'

Vermont Primary String Orchestra ~ 'Big Wheel waltz & American Adventure'

Junior Chamber Orchestra ~ 'Pirates of the Caribbean'

Little Notes Quartet ~ 'Eine Kleine Nachtmusik'

Secondary String Orchestra ~ 'Haydn Cello Concerto in C major' (Soloist: Zachary Armstrong)

Senior Chamber Orchestra

'Bach Concerto for two violins in D minor' (Soloists: Abigail Andika & Trent Bunston)

Combined String Orchestras ~ ''Mr. Grinch'

Term 4 Certificate Presentations

Recital 2: Arrive at 1:45pm

Nicole Li - Bolero No. 3 (Grade 6 manual list)

Jonathan Wong - Furchte dich nicht (Grade 4 series 9)

Ying-Yi Chan - The sleeping princess (Grade 3 manual list)

Nicole Li - Country Gardens (Grade 3 manual list)

Rebecca Abramoff - Galop (Grade 3 series 8)

Jonathan Wong - La Cinquantaine (Grade 3 manual)

Emily Zhu - Witches Dance (Suzuki book 3)

Josiah Ng - Galop (Grade 3 series 8)

Beth Foley - Carnival of Venice (Grade 3 series 8)

Sashenka Fernando - Open Sesame (Grade 3 series 9)

Alex Lin - Allegro (Grade 3 series 2)

Sam Clarke - Banana Skin (Grade 2 series 9)

Shirley Lei - The Entertainer (Grade 2 series 8)

Minta Lester - Chiquilin de Bachin (Grade 2 series 9)

Wenya Gao - Ombra Mai Fun (Grade 2 series 9)

Leon Wang - Banana Skin (Grade 2 series 9)

Kayla Ng - Plaisir d' amour (Grade 2 series 9)

Kaitlyn So -Second Act Tune (Grade 2 series 8)

Lucy Lei - Schafe können wieder (Grade 1 Series 8)

Sashenka Fernando - Boda Valsen (Grade 1 series 1)

Matthew Woodlock - La Trompette and Double (Grade 1 series 1)

Rebecca Abramoff - Magyaros and A kis fecsego (Grade 2 series 1)

Routong Zhao - Classic Frogs (Blue Book)

Cynthia Cheng - The Busybody (Grade 1 series 9)

Christian Lindner - Theme from Jupiter (Grade 1 series 9)

Lachlan Zhou - The Ceilidh (Grade 1 series 2)

Alyssa Wong - Gavotte (Suzuki Book 3)

Chellian Kanthasamy - Menuet III (Suzuki Book 1)

Wanhan He - Wild Honey (Grade 1 series 9)

Laura Mok - Minuet (Grade 1 series 8)

Ethan Ng - The Bee (Grade 1 series 8)

James Lyster - Click go the shears (Grade 1 series 8)

James Christiansen - South Brisbane Tango (Grade 1 series 8)

Charlotte Mah - Fanfare Minuet (Preliminary grade sereis 1)

Charles Calabro - Gypse Dance (Preliminary grade series 2)

Julien Zhu - Matilda learns to waltz (Preliminary grade series 8)

Cindy Peng - Minuet (Preliminary grade series 8)

Sean Zhi - Chicken in the Kitchen (Yellow Book)

Ashley Chen - Far and Away (Yellow Book)

Avleen Chaggar - Can-Can (Yellow Book)

Zoha Ahmad - Can-Can (Yellow Book)

Molly White - Can-Can (Yellow Book)

Cristiano Morgan - Goblin Feast (Yellow Book)

Jeremy Chan - Goblin Feast (Yellow Book)

Reilly Pearce - Frere Jacques (Yellow Book) 

Judd Giuliani - Jazzy Jingle Bells (Fiddle Time Runners)

Chris Luan - Somebody's knocking at your door (Fiddle Time Runners)

Ryan Ma - Fernando's Tango (Yellow Book)

Aidan Andika - Serenade (Grade 5 series 8)

Matthew Wang - Furchte dich Nicht (Grade 4 series 9)

Adriel Chen - Carry me back (Grade 3 series 8)

Amy Jeffery - Chiquilin de Bachin (Grade 2 series 9)

Jessica Andrews - The Busybody  (Grade 1 series 9)

Sophie Qiu - Spanischer Tanz (Grade 4 series 8)

Abigail Andika - Joska (Grade 3 series 9)

Aidan Andika - Andante cantabile (Grade 2 series 1)

Matthew Wang - Allegro (Grade 2 seires 1)

Caroline Zhang - Starry night (Grade 1 manual list)

Sophie Qiu - Drunken Sailor (Preliminary grade series 1)

Asha Buttery - Grotesque (Grade 1 series 8)

Joanne Alpen - The Bee (Grade 1 series 8)

Li Loh - Meneut II (Grade 1 series 9)

Jessie Hao - First Base (Preliminary grade series 9)

Surena Athari - Arpeggio Bounce (Preliminary grade series 8)

Ella Plaw - Mister Crocodile (Preliminary grade series 9)

Emily Poon - Adam in the Garden (Fiddle Time Runners)

Jessynta Blake - Noel (Fiddle Time Runners)

Hailey Leng - Hallelujah Chorus (Yellow Book)

Dylan Huang - Til' the work is done (Yellow Book)


Deakin Edge, Federation Square, Melbourne VIC 3000

3rd of December

Birralee Primary Senior Soiree


Multi-Purpose room at Birralee Primary School

Event Details

3rd of December

Birralee Primary Senior Soiree

Birralee Primary students only

Orchestra - all students 

Solo items - grade 3 - 6 studnets


Multi-Purpose room at Birralee Primary School

4th of December

Mitcham Primary Community Evening


Performing Arts Centre

Event Details

4th of December

Mitcham Primary Community Evening

Mr. Grinch ~ Mitcham Primary School students only


Performing Arts Centre

4th of December

Rangeview Primary Carols


Rangeview Primary Oval

Event Details

4th of December

Rangeview Primary Carols

Mr. Grinch ~ Rangeview Primary School students only


Rangeview Primary Oval

11th of December

Vermont Primary Christmas Concert


Vermont Primary Stadium

Event Details

11th of December

Vermont Primary Christmas Concert

Mr. Grinch ~ Vermont Primary School students only


Vermont Primary Stadium

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